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  Please follow all rules or risk being banned _________________________     Posting   - Use the search bar- search for threads before posting to make sure no duplicate threads are created - Read the Stickied or threads with labels as they usually give out very good information regarding thespecific thread/section. - No flaming, trolling, raging, or spam. - Keep all posts relevant to the thread topic- off-topic posts will be deleted. - Discussion, links, and the posting of the following are not permitted on this site: Religion, Illegal activity, politics, gore, excessively sexually- themed material, pornography. If you are unsure of a subject- PM/message an admin or staff member. - Keep the cussing to a minimum- overuse of profanities may result in punishment. - Try not to double / triple post; there's an edit button for a reason - Do not bump old threads unless absolutely necessary.     General Conduct   - No multi-accounting. - Do not harass others. - Be respectful to everyone and staff. - No advertising in regards to other sites or self-profit. (Unless with Approval from CC staff)     Staff   - No public discussion over moderator activity. - Post required in the Leave of Absence for duration and reason for inactivity. Failure to do so may result in demotion for "Inactivity"     Chat   - Do NOT farm cookies - Do not dislike posts for no reason or personal hate.       1.  Advertising in any form is a permanent ban. This includes talking off other servers. E.g. "I went on Blahblahcraft and rekt some nubs" 2.  No abusing bugs and glitches. If you do come across glitches/bugs on Viylas please report to staff, you can help make VN better! 3.  No hacked/modded clients. This includes rapid fire macros. Any mod that does not affect other players are allowed, such as Optifine and Better PVP mod. 4.  No scamming. This includes tp trapping and auction scamming. 5.  No spamming in messages/chat/commands. Spamming is unnecessary and floods the chat and players will miss important messages. 6.  No raging when getting killed. A simple "good fight" or "good game" will do. 7.  No asking for OP/Ranks. We know you are not from Planet Minecraft ;3 8.  Use common sense. Please use your brains, you have one for a reason. 9.  Unauthorised payments lead to a ban. If you are under 18 (depending on which country you are in) you must seek parents/guardians permissions before donating. Any charge back will result in an automatic IP ban from all servers. Nicks No &k or &n allowed in your nick name, you will be warned and a staff member will change your nick. If you change your nick back to &k or &n again you will be tempbanned and your /nick permissions will be removed.   No X-Ray Resource/Texture Packs Do not post/leak personal information/pictures of a player without their consent.

Created by Ryder in Rules

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